Mistakes that could invalidate your insurance cover in freezing winters.

When winter comes around, it can be stressful for many people, especially those dealing with insurance cover.

The harsh weather and numerous activities accompanying the season increase the risk of accidents or other potential situations that could invalidate your insurance policy, resulting in extra stress and unwanted expenses. This article will explore common mistakes made about winter insurance policies so you won’t need to worry. Stay tuned!

Drive your car with the roof clear of snow.

If you don’t clear the roof of your vehicle, snow may cause you to lose your insurance coverage and result in an arrest warrant. The snow is accumulating over your vehicle while driving could be dangerous for you and other motorists. It’s because there’s an opportunity that the snow will slide off and obscure your view or that of a motorist, particularly when you are speeding or slowing down.

In most instances, your insurance will not pay when you’ve been driving unsafely or in reckless ways or if you happen to be involved in an accident because you didn’t clear your roofing, you may be determined that you’ve not been responsible. It’s legally required to carry insurance on your car, but in the event of a rough road, the likelihood of getting involved in a crash increases; therefore, it’s essential to ensure the insurance you have purchased is valid and protects you in any situation.

A car that hasn’t been de-iced and demisting.

It is an obligation of law that before driving, you should ensure your windshield is free from any obstructions, which includes ice. This means you must completely clean and remove any ice before setting off. But many need to realize that this also applies to all the mirrors and windows on your car, regardless of whether you have parking sensors.

If you have been in an accident, the admiral Claims number can help you with the claim process. An experienced team of professionals guides you through the claims process and protects your rights.

Take care of your tyres before you drive.

Driving in snowy or wet conditions can alter the tread patterns of your tyres. If you’re using a lower tread depth, your braking power will decline, and you stand the chance of having an accident if the tread depth of your tyres is less than the legal limit, and you may be penalized for this unless on the way to getting them replaced.

Contrary to the internet rumors, there is no way to cause your insurance to be invalidated when you drive in snowy conditions. Car insurance is valid even when severe weather warnings are issued. The fitting of winter tyres will not alter your coverage in any way. But there are some ways drivers can go about their business during winter, which could make the insurer deny the claim.

Tyre checks are essential at this moment. According to Lorna who claims: “Driving with illegal tyres could lead to the possibility of a fine of up to £10,000 (£2,500 for each tyre) and could result in twelve points against your driving license. An illegal tyre could impact an insurance claim when the tyres were linked to the cause of the crash.

“It’s worth considering changing to winter tyres if you can as they can make driving in icy conditions safer and they don’t impact the cost of your insurance.” While insurance is valid driving in a weather advisory, insurance companies advise drivers to be extra cautious and adhere to local police and council advice on when and where they can travel safely.

Unattended warming up of your car.

Despite the cold, drivers are not protected if they leave their vehicles locked and unsupervised when they are de-icing their cars, particularly if they put their keys inside the ignition. This is because most policies have a duty-of-care clause.

It might be tempting to remain inside your house while your car heats up and the car demists, but if someone got in the car and drove off in it, you’d not be protected. The admiral accident number is a unique identifier assigned to each insurance policy. It enables the admiral to quickly identify and track the details of any particular admiral policy.

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Mistakes that could invalidate your insurance cover in freezing winters.