Kitchen design trends for 2023 all homeowners should have their eyes on

Kitchen design trends have evolved over the last few years, and specialists predict that 2023 will be an exciting year.

Homeowners demand a lot from their kitchens because, nowadays, they find them the most functional spaces within their homes, the places where they cook, eat, entertain, rest, and work. 2023 trends must cater to these requirements and provide design solutions to maximise the presented demands of this versatile room.

The latest kitchen design trends aim to offer more comfortable and soothing spaces that will stand the test of time due to natural colours and materials inspired by the outdoors. As house design trends go, 2023 brings a seismic shift that puts the kitchen into the heart of the home. The kitchen is an extension of the home and a space where everyone feels welcomed rather than a utilitarian place where people prepare food.

We spoke to leading kitchen designers to make a list of the latest trends for this space and came up with the followings.

Social kitchen islands

Kitchen islands have always been the one interior design feature that helped a house attract buyers because they’re considered worthwhile investments – so they’ve always been on trend. However, considering the market demands, interior designers expect kitchen islands to evolve in 2023 and become a point of focus because they can be more socially focused when customised.

If you want to build a kitchen island, tailor it to incorporate seating to create an inclusive space that meets multiple purposes (entertaining, cooking, working, or relaxing with the family).

Regardless of its style or size, the kitchen island is the centralised feature of the room, and it’s best to design it in a way that allows you to utilise every inch of the space. Adding a centralised piece of furniture to the kitchen makes it more sociable and allows you to talk to others when you cook easily.

Natural tones

Homeowners’ desire to welcome outdoors into their houses is undoubtedly one of the biggest interior design trends for 2023. Therefore, it doesn’t surprise us that a key kitchen design trend for 2023 is that of using natural colours. We will see a demand for cream high gloss kitchen furniture and timber and oak cabinets, and interior designers will use natural materials to create interesting colour stories for kitchens.

Adding pinks, greens, and blues from granites, marble, and other surfaces is the ideal way to balance the warmth of cream cabinets because it gives the room a dynamic touch with colours. Installing neutral cabinets would suffice to let the pops of colour from the countertops take centre stage.

Colourful taps in neutral kitchens

As mentioned before, homeowners want their kitchens to feel more soothing, so they use natural and minimalist colour pallets. Grey and cream kitchens will make a huge comeback in the following months because they allow homeowners to create inviting and warm spaces. But this wouldn’t be a trend approved by interior designers if it wouldn’t come with a twist. Adding pops of colour like yellow, blue, pink, or bright green will give the room a jolt of joy and make it look more playful.

However, for this trend to work, homeowners need to mix and match textures, materials, and finishes because neutral kitchens tend to look dull.

Mixed metallics

Metallic finishings are another trend for 2023. Expect to see a mix of metallic finishings for the splashback and handles because they work great with natural-looking furniture. If a couple of years ago homeowners preferred finishings from a single metal, nowadays they’re more willing to mix and play with several options.

Interior designers prefer metals in similar tones because they make the space look more cohesive. Gold and copper are expected to be a popular combination due to their warm undertones and the fact that they compliment natural materials like wood. Cooler metals like chrome and nickel will sit better against cabinets in lighter hues like whites and greys.

Interior designers recommend replacing shiny chrome and matte black with muted solutions like brushed brass, copper, or pewter because they create a more natural effect.

Spa-like kitchens

Spa bathrooms have been popular over the last few years, and it was the moment for homeowners to welcome the spa trend in their kitchens, being a space where they spend a lot of time and want to feel welcomed and relaxed. Meditative materials are gaining more attention because they allow homeowners to create a serene space where they can cook, entertain, and live.

Cooking can have a spa-like quality if you build a kitchen that promotes relaxation. A spa-like kitchen uses lots of natural elements like wood and stone. However, building a spa-like kitchen is challenging because it requires finding the perfect combination of materials and textures to create a calm but functional space.

Ceiling high cabinets

Because kitchens are multi-functional rooms nowadays, building extensive storage is only understandable. You’ll see more and more rooms with cabinets running all the way up to the top of the ceiling because homeowners will want to make the most of every inch of their kitchens.

If you don’t have a particular styling intention for the space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling, there’s no reason not to install cabinets that run up the top of the room. Cabinet providers highlight that this is the ideal model for any house because when the furniture stops shy of the ceiling, the left space becomes a dust collector.

Homely touches

Kitchens are reclaiming the homely look because they’re no longer only utilitarian spaces. Homeowners are acknowledging their functionality and practicality and bring in elements that make it a comfortable enough space to encourage the entire family to relax and congregate.

Many homeowners are also pet parents, and they consider their pets’ needs, bringing in water and feeding stations. The heart of the house should be a welcoming space for all family members, including the furry ones.

The above kitchen trends show that kitchens are moving towards being more functional and welcoming spaces. So whatever your preferences are, keep this in mind.

Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

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Kitchen design trends for 2023 all homeowners should have their eyes on