Calling All StockCharts Members: Make Sure To Check This One Thing in Your Account

If you’re an existing StockCharts member, you’re probably familiar with some of the major features we offer—SharpCharts, StockChartsACP, and others. But do you know how to check the status of your account?

We make a conscious effort to make your account details accessible, but sometimes it’s helpful to know where to find them. So, we highly encourage you to regularly check your account status so you can make sure we’re serving you in the most effective way possible. We’ll show you how!

To make sure your account is free of any unwanted errors, you’ll start on the homepage and find your name in the top right of your screen. Click on your name and a dropdown menu will open. There’s an option for “Your Account” (see below).

Once you select “Your Account”, the details of your account will load. Here, you can check on your service level, login credentials, and expiration date.

But did you catch the new button that appeared at the top of your membership? It’s easy to miss!

Right now, we are running a limited-time deal where you could earn up to 3 months FREE!

Why is this important?

It has to do with your membership expiration date. While we’re excited to offer you savings, our Holiday Special won’t last long. That’s why we are encouraging all members to double-check the expiration dates. If your membership expires within the next six months, right now is the **absolute best time to renew**. Simply click the green button on your accounts page, or click here to learn more.

Six months might sound like a while away, but you won’t have another chance for savings like this. Does your membership expire within six months? If so, choose to extend now, and your future self will thank you later!

Talk soon,