How Do Small Business Payment Solutions Change E-commerce? Valeria Vahorovska Explains

Online payment systems have allowed companies to not only develop locally but also advance in foreign markets.

Previously, everything depended on cooperation with banks, but they did not offer favorable conditions for business development — their solutions were suitable only for corporations. In her interview, Valeria Vahorovska explained why everything is changing in modern conditions and what prospects it gives to businesses of any scale.

In particular, in a conversation with specialists of Fintech Review, Valeria Vahorovska, who is the co-founder and general director of the Fondy service, explained why the future lies in online payment systems.

Fondy: A payment platform for any business

The main brainchild of Valeria Vahorovska is the Fondy service. It allows counterparties from any corner of the world to cooperate on a profitable basis and exchange payments in any currency. At the same time, the platform is friendly to other payment systems and electronic wallets, which makes sending money hassle-free. The main advantages offered by Fondy:

Ability to create and process payments in a few clicks.
The payment gateway works with more than 300 payment methods, including Google Pay and Apple wallets.
The system automatically offers users the most common options of payment systems for a certain location.
The platform allows you to make convenient payments using local debit and credit cards or global ones.
The service allows you to conveniently manage the flow of payments and keep this process under complete control.

As Valeria Vahorovska said, the Fondy service appeared in 2016 but gained real popularity in the wake of the pandemic and the growth of online sales. During this time, the platform became a powerful support for local companies, which were able to enter the global market with minimal requirements and modest commissions. Due to convenience and financial availability, the platform continues to actively develop, and small and medium-sized business owners do it along with it.

How is the online payment industry developing in Europe?

The main problem is understanding the difference in mentalities and approaches to electronic payments in different countries, Valeria Vahorovska notes. Managing uncertainty in the short and long term is a major challenge in the European market. The solution to this problem lies in the analysis of customer preferences and behavior, on the basis of which it is possible to predict the further development of the online payment industry in the EU and Great Britain.

The business has to abandon conservative decisions and be dynamic and proactive to gain a competitive advantage. In turn, the online payment industry has to face regulatory and local requirements and satisfy them as quickly as possible. Valeria Vahorovska’s Fondy service successfully copes with these challenges.

Another problem, according to Valeria Vahorovska, is the issue of technology and intellectual property. The industry is developing rapidly, but it is also necessary to keep abreast of all changes. The platform copes with this task perfectly and even plans to launch a new service: Fondy Flow.

What is Fondy Flow?

Valeria Vahorovska explains that Fondy Flow is a new service for opening and managing multi-currency accounts with minimal transaction fees and instant payment for goods and services.

Fondy Flow accounts can be used just like bank accounts. At the same time, all payments are made as quickly as possible, they can be monitored and viewed at any time. Also, the service includes the ability to send invoices, which gives even more advantages and opportunities for companies of any size and for individual entrepreneurs.

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How Do Small Business Payment Solutions Change E-commerce? Valeria Vahorovska Explains