5 Steps to Booking a Sprinter Van Service

Do you have someplace you want to go with your ten closest friends, colleagues, or family members?

Organizing public transportation or taking multiple cars can be a downright hassle. Fortunately, sprinter van services offer their clients a streamlined, stress-free, comfortable, and affordable service. Read on to learn the five steps to book a sprinter van service.

5 Steps to Booking a Sprinter Van Service

#1: Determine Your Passenger Head Count

The first step to booking a sprinter van service is to do the math for your headcount. Are you attending a conference with your colleagues, picking up the family for a reunion, or another event? We suggest figuring out the “why” behind your transportation needs so you can establish who you plan to bring. Once you have a head count, there will likely be a few different van sizes to accommodate your requirements.

We do want to note that if you have less than three people, we recommend simply booking a car. On the flip side, if you have more than 14 people, you will likely need to book a minibus or consider hiring multiple sprinter vans to ensure everyone can fit.

#2: Calculate Your Luggage Requirements

When people book a sprinter van, they often anticipate a decent amount of baggage. Most sprinter vans can hold up to 14 average suitcases with additional smaller bags, like purses, sitting on the passengers’ laps or at their feet.

To simplify the calculation, if you carry seven people, they each get two cases. Any more than that will result in passengers only getting one suitcase a piece. If you are transporting large equipment, we recommend speaking with the sprinter van company in advance about your baggage requirements to ensure the van is large enough to fit everything.

#3: Plan the Itinerary

Next up in booking a sprinter service is knowing where you are going. Sprinter vans are ideal for trips of most duration and distance; and they are particularly favored for roadshows, point-to-point transfers, and short hauls. We suggest making a detailed itinerary of where you need to go, when you must depart and arrive, and how you plan to get back. Additionally, make sure to consider how you plan to retrieve your passengers, whether it is a one-stop pick-up or to get them each individually from their homes.

#4: Book the Sprinter Van

Now comes the easiest part, booking your sprinter service. We suggest booking a month or so in advance for corporate events. Additionally, the vast majority of sprinter van companies have accessible online scheduling services where you can book what you need efficiently. If you have something on the more complex side, you may need to speak with a representative, but it will likely take less than 10 minutes. In the end, just make sure to jot down your confirmation code, itinerary, and the business’s phone number.

#5: Notify Your Passengers

Last but not least, send all of this information along to your passengers so they can get their scheduling in order to accommodate what you have planned. This is the main reason why we suggest booking in advance, not because of the sprinter van company, but because guests can be harder to wrangle.

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5 Steps to Booking a Sprinter Van Service