Grain Prices Suggest Inflation Far From Peaking

Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers:
All Items in U.S. City Average (CPIAUCSL) Jul 2022: 295.271, Aug 10, 2022

The chart above is the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers, and reflects that inflation is historically high. The Fed has been trying to get a handle on the inflation problem, but the graph seems to illustrate that inflation may not be contained.

The Fed has had to act. In increasing interest rates, the economy, though, has slowed down.

Also, commodity prices have been increasing since 2019 due to global demand and changing supply dynamics. Historically, commodity markets experience price volatility.

Since July 12, Teucrium Corn Fund is up 7% and Teucrium Soybean Funds 8%; Teucrium Wheat Fund is down -3%.

These same factors have increased agricultural commodity prices in recent weeks. The grains appear to be slowly starting to recover in price from a previous rebound earlier this year.

Grain prices are now rising due to strong global demand for these agricultural commodities and a lack of supply, due to adverse weather conditions, from droughts to floods to the Ukraine conflict. This new demand should lead to continued strength in agricultural commodity prices over the coming months.

It’s important to remember that commodity markets are incredibly volatile and can change rapidly, so we advise actively managing commodities in your portfolio.

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