Picture perfect? Brits prioritise a good snap over fun, relationships and their own safety

Brits are prioritising the perfect picture over enjoying themselves, their relationships and even their own safety, new research has revealed today.

The pursuit of picture perfection means that half (50 per cent) say that having a good time is secondary to taking a good photo and over a fifth (22 per cent) reveal they don’t enjoy a moment as much as they should because of this.

The research, commissioned by the UK’s biggest photographic retailer Wex Photo Video, shows Brits are willing to undergo pain and hardship for that perfect picture with 41 per cent happy to risk life and limb clambering over safety barriers, a third (34 per cent) prepared to suffer sunburn, and one in five (18 per cent) happy to endure insect bites and stings.

Relationships are also suffering, with over half (51 per cent) admitting to arguing with loved ones when trying to take the perfect photo and 22 per cent agreeing that the stress of getting a good picture means they miss out on time with family and friends.

The more picturesque the location, the greater the pressure Brits feel to take the perfect shot with over half (57 per cent) disappointed by their photo and over a quarter (26 per cent) feeling that their efforts to get to the location are wasted.

As a result, Wex Photo Video has opened the UK’s most remote camera store in the picturesque Snowdonia Mountains – a top photography destination in the UK. Coinciding with World Photography Day, the pop-up store will be located on Moel Hebog and will be open to the public on the 19th August 2022 (weather dependent). Wex will provide expert advice and equipment, with a selection of cameras, tripods and lenses available to purchase.

The poll of 2,000 Brits shows that the pressure of getting a good photograph has reduced one in five (20 per cent) Brits to tears. And whilst only one picture will be shared, Brits admit to taking the same photo up to 50 times. Despite spending on average £560 on equipment in the past year, three in five Brits (59 per cent) say their photography skills leave a lot to be desired.

But Brits are keen to improve their content capture skills with Wex Photo Video seeing a +143 per cent spike in ‘How To’ searches across the web2, focusing on photography and video, and research showing 60 per cent of Brits investing in photography equipment over the past year.

Paul Wareham, Marketing Director at Wex Photo Video said: “Our research and website data show that Brits want to take better pictures – and are going to extreme lengths to do so. While we can’t help with the sunburn, we can provide quality equipment and expertise to help customers capture the pictures they want. With our most remote camera store on Moel Hebog, all customers visiting can make sure their pictures reflect the beauty of this majestic spot.”

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Picture perfect? Brits prioritise a good snap over fun, relationships and their own safety