5 Ways To Keep From Losing Your Computer Files

Imagine this. You’ve got a big presentation coming up for work. You’ve spent the entire day and all of your energy putting forward your best work. You’re just about to save your masterpiece and call it a night, so you can impress your boss tomorrow. Then, just as you’re pressing the save button, your computer crashes for whatever reason. And just like that, all of your work is gone.

If there’s a more chilling horror story, we don’t know what it is (or want to). We’re going to show you how to ensure that this nightmare never becomes a reality.

1. Get a Server Cluster

Before we go into its benefits, we need to answer the question “What is a server cluster?”

The service of a cluster server is at a much higher capacity than a regular one.  A group of servers work simultaneously under one IP address.

Along with protecting your data, a cluster server provides many other benefits worth looking into, such as helping with service failures and site failures. You can choose from a variety of server clusters to find the one that works the best for your device and needs.

2. Get a USB Drive

The more copies of files that you have, the harder it is to lose them. A flash drive is a small investment for the assurance that if your computer fails, as they sometimes do, you still have everything you need. All you’ll need to do is plug it into a working device, and you’re back in business.

For extra peace of mind, you can get more than one. Just make sure you know exactly where they are. Make a special place in your office just for them, so you won’t have to wonder where to look.

3. Save Your Work as You Go

You never know when your system might crash. If you haven’t saved your files, you could lose an entire day’s worth of work. This would be absolutely crushing at best and get you in trouble with your boss at worst.

It’s recommended you save your progress every ten minutes, but you can do it as often as it takes to make you feel comfortable. If you just wrote a paragraph or even a sentence that you’re proud of and want to make sure it stays exactly as it is, save it.

4. Keep it Stored in the Cloud

To save your files to your computer is a good start, but you need more coverage than that. If your computer becomes irreparable the cloud will make your documents available on any device you log onto. As long as you have internet access, you can get back where you left off.

5. Invest in a Printer

Sometimes the best way to do it is the old-fashioned way. When you have physical copies printed out, you will be able to quickly replicate anything that might have been lost from your hard drives. You won’t have to come up with the best paraphrase you can after losing your perfectly crafted initial message.

However, it will be a tedious and time-consuming process. We recommend taking the other measures we’ve mentioned on this list, and saving this one for emergencies, when all the other ones have failed.

Cover All of Your Bases

Precautions are much easier to pull off than damage control. You’ll never have to go through the stressful experience of trying to recover data if it’s never lost in the first place.

Now you can rest easy at night, knowing your most important files are right where they should be.

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5 Ways To Keep From Losing Your Computer Files