The Technology That’s Powering Marketing

The world of marketing has always been known for its fast pace, but right now, exciting new technologies are leading marketing into a new, rapidly evolving era. The great news for those working in the industry is that these new innovations are not simply gimmicks but are producing impressive, tangible results.

A New Approach To Online Content

2022 is predicted to see a move away from short, snappy content bursts (such as TikTok videos), and instead, long-form content is making a comeback. Blog posts are expected to grow in length, with content of between 1000 to 7500 words becoming the norm, and longer video and audio content also becoming a more common element. Taking a long-form approach helps to build engagement with a target audience, by delivering substantial, interesting, and memorable content that really engages the potential customer. This makes it a great way to build brand loyalty, too.

The way that marketers approach SEO is likely to evolve, too, as Google’s recently launched MFI (Mobile-First Indexing) continues to gain traction. In conjunction with Google’s MUM (Multitask Unified Model), this means that mobile web content will need to be fast, seamless across all devices, and contain quality, relevant content in order to be rewarded in the SERPs.

Make The Most Of Data

The power of cloud computing has become ever more widely recognized in recent years, but as yet, too many marketing professionals are lagging behind when it comes to making the most of this resource. Using cloud computing solutions can deliver an incredible analysis of key consumer metrics, allowing you to tailor your marketing strategies with more precision than ever before. Data analytics can pave the way to targeted, personalized adverts that directly reach your ideal customer, as well as helping to identify the kind of marketing content that customers respond to best. The latest solutions make use of ML (Machine Learning), to create scalable, smart insights that power better decisions.

Be Ready For Voice Search

Thanks to the incredible popularity of smart speakers, people are increasingly using voice search to find out about the products or services they need, with Google reporting that a fifth of mobile searches are now being carried out via spoken queries [1]. This means that by making sure your marketing campaign includes strategies that make the most of this format, you can get the edge over the competition. It’s easy to create a “Skill” for smart speakers that provides information about your brand for those making a relevant voice search, with top brands such as Amazon’s Alexa providing templates to get you up and running fast.

Accessible Tech For Any Business

The great news is that if you are a business owner yourself, you can make use of some of these new technologies without any specialist marketing knowledge. Simply switching to digital signage is a proven way to boost footfall into your location, drive sales, and even build valuable brand loyalty. When you opt for digital signage solutions, you can capture the attention of potential customers more powerfully than ever before, with studies showing that this kind of signage delivers an incredible 83% recall rate.

With the ability to update digital signage with just a few clicks, you can even use it as a means of creating buyer urgency, by advertising “today only” deals, and by including social media content and QR codes, you can use it to help build long term connections with your customers and drive desired consumer behaviors via your social channels.

An Essential For All Businesses

Whether you are a small family business, or a giant multi-national corporation, these days every enterprise needs marketing. And in our increasingly digitized world, many of the key marketing trends that are emerging are focused on online activities, although physical tech such as eye-catching digital signage means that bricks and mortar businesses can make a real impact with their marketing efforts too.

Ultimately, the key takeaway for these new technological advancements is that the customer experience remains at the heart of any successful campaign. By using these technologies to deliver personalized, engaging marketing content, businesses can look forward to reaping impressive results.

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The Technology That’s Powering Marketing