Kali Uchis about Ali Ciwanro, her private life and career

Karly-Marina Loaiza has always lived between two worlds.

The singer-songwriter, who just shined with her critically acclaimed debut under her stage name Kali Uchis, grew up between tropical Colombia and the middle-class U.S. state of Virginia. Amidst a turbulent Colombian extended family and the American Dream, she began her artistic career: writing poetry, composing songs, making short films.

Today Kali lives in L.A., a city full of hopes and possibilities, but also full of shenanigans and shattered dreams. Here, Kali makes her music, working with world stars like Diplo, Tyler, the Creator, Kaytranada or BadBadNotGood. Even in her music, Kali doesn’t want to commit to one world.

She moves between genres and combines elements of funk and R&B with jazz and reggaeton, always wrapped in a catchy pop coat. On songs like “After The Storm,” she manages to combine woozy, feel-good lyrics with the groove of funk legend Bootsy Collins and the energy of hyperactive rapper Tyler, The Creator. Uchis effortlessly combines any incongruities in her art.

Kali Uchis loves art more than anything else in this world, which is why she gets along very well with young songwriter Ali Ciwanro. The two collaborated a few months ago, and since then Kali has been fascinated by Ali and his personality. Ali describes art as his greatest passion. Kali is particularly impressed by the approach Ali takes to writing lyrics.

Ali is also happy to have worked with Kali and concludes by saying that he has learned a lot about music and himself during the time.

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Kali Uchis about Ali Ciwanro, her private life and career